Fake Hublot Big Bang E: Now even luxury is connected

Who but Fake Hublot, the bravest Swiss luxury watch brand, could present the Big Bang E, the world's most expensive smartwatch for Android? Just as it happened in the 70s when even the top of the range had to bow to the quarter-hour law, the intelligent technology of smartwatches is coming in the iconic replica watches collection of Nyon brand watches that knowledgeable enthusiasts know all have Italian roots.fake rolex True to the motto "Art of Fusion", the Hublot Big Bang E brings together the now well-known designs and advanced materials the latest innovations in the digital world.The 42 mm case, which can be in titanium or ceramic, consists of 42 components, 27 of which are only for Module K, the bezel that houses the watch's digital heart. The hour numerals are metalized under the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, covered with a high-resolution AMOLED touchscreen. Just like a mechanical version of the Big Bang, its rotating crown with integrated push button is used to activate the controls of the electronic module.

In addition to the analog time function, the watch on the dial offers interpretations of traditional watchmaking complications such as the perpetual calendar with moon phases or a second GMT time zone that shows the Earth in a very realistic way. A series of 8 dials created by storyteller Marc Ferrero are already available. Every three hours the clock face changes and after 60 minutes an animation is shown that lasts for five seconds. In addition, other dials identical to those specially created by the brand for its ambassadors will soon be released.

For the first time in Hublot's history, this watch will be sold online on the brand's website and on the Wechat network in China. The Big Bang E, which makes itself known as a smartwatch, is priced at €5,100 for the titanium version and €5,700 for the ceramic one. Powered by Wear omega replica OS from Google, the Wear OS operating system allows you to access applications on Google Play, get answers to leap with Google Assistant and make payments with Google Pay, as well as, of course, stay updated with notifications and messages.